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Prism Creative Group was established in the beginning of 2021. Forged from passion and longing to help individuals break into film and television; Prism rose through the ashes of a global pandemic. Prism's main initiative is to help give individuals the chance to have their imaginations heard, and potentially manifested onto the big screen. As a boutique production company, we pride ourself on our undeniable dedication and work ethic for our clients


At Prism we strive for finding: the next greatest, intriguing, meaningful works of written art. We are the fresh, new eyes on the block - with that comes a new perspective of Film and TV. We want to reduce the over saturation of the market; by bringing fresh life, new stories to the forefront. It's time we allow hidden voices with magical imaginations and stories to come to light. 

We have been in the film industry for nearly a decade; working in Commercials, Film and Television. We have now taken our cultivated skills to a place beyond the status quo, a place where everyone can be a star. At Prism we only allow energetic and positive attitudes and experiences. We are excited about the work we do and want you to be too. 

You are standing in front of three doors labeled one, two and three. Which door do you want to pick? Would the decision be easier if one door was already open with a lending hand to help guide you; to be your team mate? Or would you rather open one of the closed doors and gamble on a door that may be locked, unable to be opened. At Prism, we are the open door, the helping hand, the opportunity; taking abstract light through our prism, transmuting it into beautiful spectrum of color and success on the other end. 

Prism is here, now. Let's show the world what we can do together. 

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Have a storyscript, or writing you think is destined for the big screen? Submit your work through our portal and be one step closer to having them turned into reality. Let our expertise do the leg work while you focus on the magic. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Let's show the world your beautiful imagination.  

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