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The Process


The Push

First thing first, submit your work through our portal. Click the submit button below or head to the submission page. All submitted work will be reviewed. We need to see how your story translates to the big screen. Do not fear, we are not grammar police. We are not looking for spelling or fragments. Simply put, we want to explore your story and see your imagination at work. 

To The Stars

At this stage you have likely landed an agreement. We now reach for the stars, breathing life into the imagination you captured through your writing. Whether we jump right into production, or continue developing, you can be proud of your work and creativity. 

"As one star dulls, another begins to shine brighter; capturing the attention of all others

-- Anonymous

If your work is selected, someone from our team will reach out and discuss next steps. These steps vary based on each project. The main goal is to bring your work of art to the masses. This is where our leg work begins: Pitching, Development, Funding, Legalities, and other fun stuff. If any script adjustments are made or are needed we will work with you to get that accomplished. This stage is the most important, and having the most current script is imperative. Please have patience, this stage will likely take some time. As we all know, Rome was not built in a day. 

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